Justice is truth in action.

Benjamin Disraeli

The truth has never been that close before. More and more people are using wireless. Take an action, use eTrace tools and services to catch criminals. Let there be justice.

Products specifications:

  • WiCap which is a proffessional and compact wireless LAN interceptor is capable of recording and decrypting wireless LAN networks traffic. A built-in scanner module gives detailed information about in range WLAN devices. There are three WiCap options:
  • WiCrack - a powerful machine for cracking WPA1 and WPA2 passwords. It can also generate password matrix for speeding up cracking process on different machine. [download specification]
  • DiGen - a dictionary generator which looks for passwords on the Internet. Application generates TXT files with different combinations of passwords found on the Internet. Dictionaries can be used for cracking different kinds of passwords using dictionary attack. [download specification]
  • WiMap - easy to use WiFi network mapping tool

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